Trekking in Mount Batur Bali – A Short Guide

Trekking in Mount Batur Bali – A Short Guide

Mount Batur is an active volcano, which is believed by Hindus as one of the holy mountains. This is 1,717 meters above sea level, and was found in the village of Batur, Kintamani region.

Mount Batur with its breathtaking and amazing views in the morning, it is no wonder why local and foreign tourists flock to climb as early as possible, even though they feel sleepy and tired must wake up early just to enjoy the beautiful sunrise from the peak Mount Batur with a local native introduction can all be paid off and bring home a lot of experience.

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Who can do this?

You can enter this trip as part of your trip to Bali if:

How to Find a Tour Guide

Book your trip through a trustworthy agent (there is a hotel with a tour desk) and be careful of the small agents who pull you into their office. They will try to convince you to book with them by saying that their guides are experts in this trip. They are also their own guides.

Check social media platforms like TripAdvisor and Facebook groups because nothing beats word of mouth.

Make sure the conditions and agent warnings are clear, such as whether the itinerary must depend on the weather situation.

Tips on Preparing for Mount Batur Sunrise Tracks


You can experience a variety of changes in temperature, so it is important to use appropriate clothing, which can be worn in layers, comfortable, and not too heavy. It would be better to wear something absorbing, because you can sweat while climbing. During the midday break, it will become colder and it will be difficult to dry sweaty clothes and make it warm.


It is best to wear the right type of track shoes – comfortable and with good grip to prevent slipping, especially when descending.


The torch head can be useful during trekking (sometimes this is provided by a guide, so ask if this is included).


Bring a camera to take spectacular pictures.


In addition to avoiding vendors who sell drinks, you can save on food and beverage costs by bringing your own. However, if you want to maintain a lighter weight to make trekking easier, spend a little more on drinks and buy them from vendors. In this way, your burden will be lighter and you can save energy too. Even though a guide can bring your belongings, you will definitely be asked to pay.

Travel Guide

If you don’t want to start from scratch, register yourself by ordering through an agent. It is important to know the name of your guide and his experience.

When you need expert guidance, it is recommended to set the guidelines beforehand, and state what you need.